Hello everyone! Its been 2 months since I have updated the website with whats going on and a lot has happened since then!

I’m excited to announce that I am now teaching cooking classes at Leaning Ladder Olive Oil and Vinegar Boutique. My first class with them will be July 25th where I will be teaching a Farm to Table menu.

Another exciting and fun thing I have now is a cooking show hosted by Tru Blend FM WBUE. You can catch that show live each week on the Eats by Amber Facebook page at 9:30am EST. This week it was shot from my kitchen.  It will also be posted on the Eats by Amber YouTube channel. If you see my show please help us out by liking and sharing it; I would love if people at Food Network, Ellen DeGeneres, Pioneer Woman, Anova Culinary, Sur la Table, etc to see it!

Below are the links to the first 2 episodes plus a one on one interview with Maria Townsend from WBUE.

Episode 1 – Hashbrown B.E.L.T.

One on One Interview

Episode 2 – Colombian Arepas con Perico y Queso Fresco


Thank you all for your continued support!