Chef Amber Elias

Amber has been cooking ever since she could reach the stove. She grew up around food and flavors—her mother an amazing chef, her grandfather a chef for fifty plus years, and her aunt, a pastry chef. It was only natural that Amber found her way to become a chef. Her passion for cooking and her culinary career started during college, where she worked in the kitchen at the University of West Georgia.

After working in several commercial kitchens, working late hours, and listening to family and friends who encouraged her to start her own business, she did just that. Amber launched Eats by Amber in 2017. Whether someone needs brunch for two, lunch for one, a family-style dinner, coursed intimate dinner party or catering for 125 people, Chef Amber provides the highest quality experience, giving the luxury of fine dining in the privacy of a home, or venue.

A versatile chef who can cook a wide range of food from all around the world, Chef Amber loves trying new things and often pushes herself out of her comfort zone, and always suggests people do the same with food. As she tells her kids, “You only have to try it once, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to have it again.” But, we promise, you’ll love Chef Amber’s food and will be asking, and coming back for more.

When she isn’t meal prepping, creating recipes and cooking, you can find her spending time with her two children and entering cooking competitions (she has won several cooking awards).

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